We will change your surroundings by cleaning the surfaces with mobile high pressure equipment.

High pressure cleaning is an effective and environmentally-friendly way to get rid of dirt and blemishes from various outdoor surfaces. Due to the changing air conditions, outdoor surfaces are less resistant to dirt and become unclean really fast. We provide effective cleaning solutions for your outdoor surfaces, completely renewing the look of your surroundings. Regular cleaning prolongs the life of your outdoor furniture, terraces and other constructions. What is more, the services we provide are effective and safe.

In order to clean the crusted dirt and blemishes from your mineral and wood surfaces, we use word renowned high pressure cleaning equipment. If necessary, environmentally-friendly cleaners can be additionally used. High pressure cleaning allows to get rid of oil stains, blemishes from sticky liquids, crusted rubber, rust and moss. Also, this technique is one of the best solutions to clean graffiti paint. Nothing is impossible to us when it comes to surface cleaning – we make sure that each individual case is properly taken care of and the optimal solution is always found.